Tare Weight Approximately 11,400 lbs
GVWR 71,400 lbs (20ft), 75,000 lbs (40 ft)
Twist Locks 8-Pin
Conspicuity Meets DOT requirements
Main Beams & Bogie Beams Fabricated I-beam with high tensile steel flanges
Upper Coupler Assembly Pick up plate is 5/16 in. thick, extends approximately 18 in. behind the kingpin and is reinforced fore and aft by 1/4 in. formed
Front Bolster 9 in high x 6 in deep channel
Intermediate Bolsters Fwd 6 in x 8 in tube, Rwd fabricated box-type bolster w 1/2 in end plates & retractable twistlocks on each
ICC Bumper 4 in. x 4 in. x 3/16 in. tube step bumper
Mud Flaps Plastic anti-sail
Electrical System
12 volt, 7-way split pin receptacle plug; modular wiring harness
Slider Mechanism Lock engagement ensured by two air actuated pins through main beams
Slide Range 91 3/8 in total
Overall length Closed/Extended Closed 31’ 11” / Extended 40’ 6”
Overall Chassis Width, Length 96” (102” over axles) x 32’ 11” closed / 40’ 6” extended
Light Attachment, Type Flange mounted, LED
Landing Gear 2-speed AAR approved, square leg. 55,000 lb. lift capacity and 160,000 static load capacity
Landing Gear Axle Type Standard
Landing Gear Foot Group 10 in. by 10 in. low profile sandshoe
Crank Handle Location Road side handle
Drum Outboard mounted
Brake Lining Options, System Type Standard, 2S1M
Rims 8 1/4 x 22.5 hub piloted, white
Tires Cheetah Supplied, 11R 22.5
Hub Type, Material Hub piloted for disc wheels, steel
Axle Quantity 3 Axles
Axle Centers, Location 60 3/4 in all axles, 88 5/8 in
Kingpin Location, Height 12 in from rear face of front bolster, 47 in
Suspension Type Spring Ride
Springs Mono Leaf
Metal Preparation Clean, dry steel and NACE No. 3 /SSPC-SP-6 “Commercial Blast Cleaning”
Primer 70% Zinc Rich Primer
Topcoat Urethane Topcoat
Color Black